Millstadt Optimist Club

Students of the Month


The Student Of the Month award is given each month of the school year to an eight grade student from Millstadt Consolidated Grade School and from St. James Catholic Grade School. The students are picked by teachers from the schools and honored at a monthly dinner meeting by the Millstadt Optimist Club. At the years end a Student of the Year is chosen from each school.

November 2018
November 2018 students
Griffen Reed (left) and Nicole Edmiastin (right) with Jane Chenault of the Millstadt Optimist
October 2018
october 2018
Sydni Juhas with Jane Chenault of the Millstadt Optimist
December 2017 & January 2018
Students February 2017
Chelsea Nehls -MCS (Dec), Ken Lickenbrock of the Millstadt Optimist,

Darian Ceballos -St.James (Dec)and Madison Fournie -MCS (Jan)

February 2017
Students February 2017
Ken Lickenbrock Optimist member, Kylie Harper - MCS, Kylie Chitwood - St. James, and Jane Chenault Optimist committee chairperson
December 2016 and January 2017
students Dec and  Jan
John Verdu - MCS (January), Taylor Geluck - MCS (December), Katie Kossina - St.James (December), Mikaya Lunch - St.James (January) with Jane Chenault Optimist committee chairperson
November 2016
november 2016
November Students of the Month Brent Moss-MCS & Alena Schaltenbrand-St.James
April 2016
april 2016 mcs
April Student of the Month Sarah Glaeser -MCS
april 2016 st.james
April Student of the Month Sutherlan Litke - St. James
November 2015
November 2015 Student
November Student of the Month Brayden Easton -MCS
September 2015
May 2915 Students
September Students of the Month Macy Adams - St.James and Endia Nixon -MCS
2015 Scholarship Winners
2015 Scholarship Winners
Mikaela Hickey, John Hasenstab, Ben Hankammer, and Connor Baltz with Judy Butzinger of the Millstadt Optiimist
May 2015
May 2915 Srudents
May Students of the Month Sophia Quirin - MCS and Jack Toenjes - St. James
April 2015
students april 2015
April Students of the Month Codi Harris - St. James and Abbey Haas - MCS
March 2015
march students of the month
March Students of the Month Alexa Scheibel - MCS and Madison Oh - St. James
January 2015
January 2015
January Students of the Month Mitchell Kidd - St. James and Kyra Humbert - MCS
October, November, & December 2014

Students oct,nov,dec2014


October, November, and December Students of the Month Mark Branz - St.James, Olivia Grudzinski - MCS,

Jenna Snyder - St.James, Abby Harris - ST.James, Victoria Oldham - MCS

October 2014
Students 10-14
October Student of the Month Trent Bueckman-MCS
September 2014
september 2014
September students of the month Rachel Jansen - St.James & Savannah Tieman - MCS
November 2011
November students of the month Jordan Tastad (MCS) and Molly Adams (ST. James) with Rhonda Joshu of the Millstadt Optimist Club

December 2011 & January 2012
Dec & Jan Students

December - Grace Fisher - St. James & Megan Glaeser - MCS

January - Cassidy Herrmann - St. James & Rhett Gauch - MCS

February Student of the Month
feb student

February Student of the Month Kelsey Gaby - MCS with Rhonda Joshu of the Optimist

February and March Students of the Month
march students

(l to r) Jonathan Powles (March) - MCS, Stephen Toenjes (February) - St. James,

Jordan McFarland (March) - St. James, Rhonda Joshu - Millstadt Optimist

March Student of the Month
March student
(l to r) Hannah Higgins - MCS with Rhonda Joshu - Millstadt Optimist